The Best Way To Improve Your Acting Career: Make Your Own Work

There is a new wave of actor. A new triple threat: writer/producer/actor. Sick of waiting for the phone to ring, actors are doing it for themselves. And with great results. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck may have started their careers by writing an Oscar-winning script but now even more people are breaking through with the force of sheer talent. I wrote an article about this in my online magazine, Frost.

I was interviewed about making my own feature length directorial debut, which I also wrote and starred in, Prose & Cons. I made this with my filmmaking partner, Steve McAleavy.

Prose & Cons, Catherine Balavage, actor, actress, writer, director

We have another three films in the pipeline and some documentaries. I am pretty excited about it. Watch this space for me, and click trough to the article on Frost for some inspiration.

~ by balavage on September 8, 2013.

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