What’s Your Number?

385709_10151132366557093_466875987_nVanity Fair brought out their annual Hollywood issue this month. Along with some great pictures and interviews with the good and great of Hollywood, they also had the number of credits each person had near their photo. Personally, I found this fascinating.

Olivia Wilde has 28 credits, Eddie Redmayne has 12, Kerry Washington has 33, Jim Sturgess has 17, Tom Hanks has 55, Dakota Fanning has 27, Halle Berry has 30, Johan Hill has 28, as does Amy Adams, Benedict Cumberbatch has 20. The excellent Jack Huston has 17, Michael Douglas has 42, while his father, Kirk, has an impressive 86. Brit Marling has done 6 and Liam Neeson 62. Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth has 9.

I think their credit system went off IMDB. While IMDB is brilliant, sometimes an actor has more credits than it lists. It also only lists film and TV credits. So no commercials or music videos. Every single credit is impressive no matter how many there are. It is hard to get cast in a TV show or a film. You are up against hundreds, if not thousands of people. Wentworth Miller said in an interview: “You might look at my CV and see I’ve had 12 jobs, but I’ve been to over 450 auditions so I’ve heard ‘no’ a lot more than I’ve heard ‘yes’. So if I go in looking only to meet my own standards, then that will make taking that rejection a little bit easier. And when I do get that job it will seem like icing on the cake.”

So what is my personal number? Before I saw the list I was not happy with how little I feel I have worked, but afterwards I felt a lot better. I have a healthy 31 credits on IMDB, and over 80 on my actual acting CV.  (which I do tend to cut down) Not bad for someone of my age.

What is your number?



~ by balavage on February 21, 2013.

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