2012: The Year In Review

2012 was a great year. Here is mine in list form.

  • Wrote a book on acting.  Check out my book on how to be an actorpreneur soon.
  • The Herald listed me as one of their Top 50 Scottish Film & TV Stars Under 30.
  • I got interviewed by some other publications too.
  • I was one of the FSB’s Female Entrepreneurs chosen for International Women’s Day and I was in their book. 
  • Got the role of Lady Eleanor in The Secret of Botticelli directed by Lorenzo Raveggi
  • In January I was Starnow’s actor of the week.
  • I was in a film called ‘Our Name is Michael Morgan’ that had its premiere at Soho House.
  • Got parts in TV shows and film. I now have 29 credits on my IMDB and over 80 on my CV after deleting some.
  • I co-produced/directed/wrote and starred in a feature film called Prose & Cons.
  • Joined Handpicked Media.
  • Was in the HPMemory2012 book.
  • Made my online magazine, Frost, even more successful. I even doubled the uniques.
  • Started a film production company with Steve McAleavy.
  • Got in better shape.
  • Got amazing auditions.  Hope I can book the big one next year.
  • Got an iPad.
  • Went to London Fashion Week twice
  • Went to Lovebox and shook hands with Lana Del Ray.
  • Went to Wimbledon. Centre Court baby!
  • Met Caggie Dunlop, who was lovely.
  • Went to the Olympics a few times.
  • And the London Film Festival
  • And the Sundance Film Festival
  • And reviewed loads of restaurants and hotels.
  • And to a chocolate convention.
  • And had loads of fun.

Roll on 2013.


~ by balavage on December 23, 2012.

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