Breaking All The Rules

Before I started on the arduous task of making a film some of my filmmaking friends gave me some advice. They said don’t have too many actors, or too many locations. For some bizarre reason I decided not to listen to this and Prose & Cons has over 20 actors and over 10 different locations.

So what happened after I broke these rules of independent filmmaking? Stress mostly. But also a hell of a lot of fun. Prose & Cons has not been an easy shoot. We have shot for 12 days over six months and we have been short on time and have had scheduling problems. Both Steve and I would like our next shoot to be more relaxed, but it has also been a learning curve, and a whole lot of fun.

I have loved every minute. I love having the chance to sick my teeth into a good, big part and also direct a film that I co-wrote.

A few people said it would be hard directing myself in something I was also acting in, but I don’t find it hard at all. It is just a very rewarding experience. I am already looking forward to the next project.

Recently we did a scene with Jason Croot. Jason went to school with Steve and he is the reason Steve and I met. I was acting in Jason’s film Le Fear Le Sequel and Steve was doing some filming.

Jason played Luca and he was brilliant in the role. He is an amazing actor, fun to work with and is happy to get hands on. Much like Lynn who we were also filming with. Lynn has been a star, letting us film in her house, juggling her schedule with her job and kids, and also being a brilliant actor.

Jack Bowman was wrapped on the last filming we did. Jack was amazing as Jamie. He is just a superb actor and so friendly and professional.

We filmed Mason Kayne’s scene recently too. Mason played my literary agent in a cafe we got thank to Egle Valeikaite. The only hard thing about working with Mason is trying to not corpse when he is around. He is funny. Mason was the young Gene Hunt in Ashes to Ashes. I was so happy to get him in my film.

We have not filmed with Bo Wilson recently but Bo is brilliant as Paula.

We only have a couple of scenes left to do which will be filmed in November at the Canal Cafe Theatre then we are finished. It has been great and I am looking forward to showing the films to audiences. Steve is editing it but I will obviously be giving my opinion on the finished project. We are both perfectionists but hopefully the film will be out quite soon.

Keep checking for updates.

~ by balavage on October 17, 2012.

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