Is Networking Bad For Your Career?

I once read somewhere that we are half way between how other’s see us, and how we see ourselves. I often wonder if this is true. There are times when I think other’s people’s observations are not true and sometimes they floor me in accuracy.

One thing that is true is that I am generally well-connected. Sorry if that does not sound modest. I know many wonderful and interesting people who are at the top of their industry. What is up for debate is whether or not this helps my career. Generally I think it does but not as much as people think.

When a friend stated that they didn’t think networking helped I thought they were mad, then I thought about all the time I spent at parties or networking events. When it comes to my online magazine, Frost, networking has paid off. I have had advice and people have given me interviews.

I love people and am very social. I also don’t tend to ask people for favors but my friends have improved my life in so many ways.

The truth is I look at all of the hours I put into networking and I don’t think it was worth it. Most of the people I know I met through my friends. All of those industry events and parties I went to don’t seem to have reaped any benefits. I would have been better off putting the energy and time into making films, pitching editors or working on my magazine.

What do you think?

~ by balavage on July 14, 2012.

One Response to “Is Networking Bad For Your Career?”

  1. I don’t believe that Industry Networking will harm your career. It may not guarantee you fame, fortune & success, but having contacts that can be mutually beneficial has to be a positive thing.

    Whether you have your Acting, Directing or Journalist hat on will mean that certain individuals or groups of people could prove useful to you.

    I do think that you have to be a bit selective – the Facebooker with 10,000+ friends is not a Networker, they are just a little bit needy.

    In a Creative Industry knowing people could be helpful and may lead to a lucky break, but then again it may not.

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