Girlfriend, Mother, Whatever.

The most boring thing about being an actor is the relentless admin involved. Every single day castings have to be applied for. The other bad thing about being an actor is the kind of roles that are on offer. If it is a female part then a large percentage of the time ‘nudity will be required’. Really? Required? Okay. I always thought it was strange that the film world is the only world where women have to get completely naked and men usually keep their clothes on. Personally I don’t do nudity so I rule those ones out.

Next is what is on offer. It seems there is only three different roles a women ever gets: girlfriend, mother and hag. A lot of amazing filmmakers are fighting against this but unfortunately most of the castings I see still fit into these categories. The last few films I did fit into this. I was someone’s girlfriend, and then someone’s mother. What is really needed is more female filmmakers. Brit Marling’s success can be put down to the fact she did not like the roles she was offered. Now she is on the cover of Vanity Fair. I am doing a similar thing with Prose & Cons and some other films I am working on.

So come on everyone, let’s start a revolution. Better roles for women in film.

~ by balavage on May 1, 2012.

One Response to “Girlfriend, Mother, Whatever.”

  1. Very true. Good luck with your film! Looking forward to watching it!

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