Prose & Cons, Le Fear and Cafe: Up-coming Films.

I have been cast as the lead in a new film; ‘Prose & Cons’. It will be directed by Richard Wright and I am also helping to write it. So, more strings to the bow. There is an article about it here: and you can follow the film on Twitter @Undersadtears. Weird Twitter name? It fits into the film!.

I am playing Sarah, a famous poet who is an Oxford graduate. She gets writers block and things spiral when her publisher gives her two weeks to come up with another book or she gets dropped.

Production blog for Prose and Cons is here: http://undersadtears.wordpress​.com/

I am also doing Le Fear, Le Sequel. A film directed by Jason Croot: and a film called Cafe by the same director.

I just finished a film called My Name is Michael Morgan. I played a 1960’s housewife. It is a very intelligent, original film. I can’t wait to see the final cut.

Not bad for a month’s work!

~ by balavage on August 7, 2011.

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