Charting IMDB; Becoming Obsessed With Starmeter.

There are things about acting that are bad for your health; unemployment, early mornings, stress, bad diets, too much food, lack of sleep and obsessing over your IMDB ranking. Now, those who are not in the industry may not know what this is. Basically, IMDB has a ‘starmeter’, and what the starmeter is, basically a chart of all of the director, producers, casting director, actors in the entire world who are in IMDB ranked in terms of popularity.

If people are searching for you or writing about you, it goes up. If it goes up a good amount, people pay attention. A high ranking could bring brilliant roles with top notch directors. Why am I writing about this? Well, last week mine was 13,663. This may not sound good, but there about four million people on IMDB. That means I broke into the top 20,000 people in the worldwide film industry. In May my rank was 6,647; Top 10,000 on the world.

Some people claim it doesn’t make a difference but Nancy Bishop has an entire chapter about it in her book “Secrets From the Casting Couch”. Casting Legend Ros Hubbard also says it is “very important”.

You can see my IMDB here:


~ by balavage on July 25, 2011.

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