My 2010 in Bullet point.

* Gurinda Chadra told me I had a good ass.

* I nearly walked into a door in front of Martin Scorsese. Pretended it never happened….

* Did a play at The Garrick. West End baby!

* Fell in love.

* Launched a magazine.

* Had an excellent Launch party for said magazine. Over 300 people came.

* Become a feature editor on a glossy print magazine called Vanity.

* Got exclusive interviews with Zac Goldsmith, Alain De Botton and David Beckham.

* Got cast in the McDonald’s World Cup advert.

* Beat up Paul McGann in the amazing TV Show ‘Luther.’

* Found out I had been put on Wikipedia, then begged my friends not to carry out their threat to edit it with rubbish like ‘Catherine loves gerbils.’

* Acted with Eddie Marsden. I play a pregnant junkie in the film ‘Junkhearts’ The pregnancy suit weighed a ton.

* Met Madonna, who was lovely, straight talking and knew exactly what she wanted.

* Snorted enough fake cocaine for my nose to hurt in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

• Got a lot of requests for signed photos and felt like a fraud when I sent them off…

* Found out how passionate Harry Potter fans are.

* Finished a script.

* Went to Switzerland

* Co – produced, directed and starred in a comedy web series called ‘Love Tourettes.’ It has since got a good following and is screened on channels in America. <a href="http://“>

* Had a good long weekend in Brighton.

* Went to the gym once.

* Wore a corset enough times to worry about the long term health of my internal organs.

* Met Belle Du Jour. She’s really lovely. And beautiful too.

* Wasn’t hospitalised. Not even once.

* Went to a lot of auditions.

* Even more parties

* And saw a lot of Art. Saatchi Art of Giving, Art London, The Frieze. La Galleria….

* Had someone ask to have their picture taken with me.

* Had a nice chat with Sheena Easton’s cousin. Who came up to me randomly because he recognized me from IMDB where it says we were born in the same place. ( True )

* Had a famous Brit actor try to get me fired from a film so his wife could have my part. Luckily, I was playing an 18 year old, his wife was, erm, a little older….

* I have probably forgotten something….Oh well. See you on 2011.


~ by balavage on December 14, 2010.

One Response to “My 2010 in Bullet point.”

  1. nice ideia to make such a list, it was a very busy year for me with lots of unexpected turns, I should make a list too.

    you only went to the gym once? Thx I’m feeling more optimistic about my 2010 ;P

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