Little old slacker me.

I aplogise for the lack of updates. The reason for this is that I have been lucky enough to get a lot of work. Also, I have launched a new online magazine.

It’s called Frost magazine. We have got interviews with Zac Goldsmith, Alain De Botton and David Beckham amongst others. Please go to and have a read.

Currently I am rehearsing for a play called ‘And then they came for me.’ It is about Anne Frank and Eva Schloss. Eva is a wonderful and inspiring person. I have read her books and she is a lovely person. It is directed by Nic Careem.

It will on at The Lyric in Shaftesbury Avenue and all proceeds go to help the victims of the Pakistani floods. Details here:

When I was growing up there was a number of actors and directors who made me take the path I have. One of them was Martin Scorsese.

I have seen all of his films – including the short ones – and have read all of the books on him. I hope this does not make me sound too much like a stalker. The reason I am telling you this is: I have a text in my phone saying ‘You have been personally chosen by Martin Scorsese…’

It was for his new movie ‘ The Invention for Hugo Cabret.’ I have spent the summer mostly doing this film. My life is not complete.

What next?

~ by balavage on September 19, 2010.

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